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Recovered from Coronavirus, Preta Gil Recalls the Worst Covid-19 crisis


Recovered from Coronavirus, Preta Gil Recalls the Worst Covid-19 crisis

Practically cured from Coronavirus, resting with her husband and pet dog at her home in the neighborhood of São Conrado, in Rio, Preta Gil says she has undergone a “rebirth” after staying 16 days confined in an apart hotel in São Paulo with COVID-19.

During this difficult period, she experienced a set of pains and a sense of isolation that she had never felt before, which gave her a more serene look at life and the pandemic that has killed more than 39,000 people on the planet. But none of that will erase what happened.

“The symptoms are all bad. You think in isolation. Headache, body, ear, tiredness. Put this together and become a kind of bomb. And you are bedridden. I couldn’t move with the pain I felt. a headache that wouldn’t let me open my eye “.

Preta Gil tells, one of the first Brazilian personalities to divulge that she had contracted Covid-19.

Despite not having a fever at any time, she still has earaches and problems with smell and taste, which, according to doctors, should be gone soon.

The popular singer caught the virus after performing at the wedding of the influential sister Gabriela Pugliesi , on March 7, in Bahia, an event during which she would have greeted and talked with guests.

Several contracted the virus there. Confined post-diagnosis, Preta Gil’s husband and make-up artist, who did not have Covid-19, needed to stay in separate rooms, with food, water and medicines left at the bedroom door, to avoid contamination. Guests even complained about her presence there.

The “Preta Gil way” to deal with the fear of death? A lot of prayers for saints and orixás, daily calls to the family, including the granddaughter, son and father, Gilberto Gil, and, what she considers most important, medical recommendations followed to the letter.

“Even having access to the best doctors in Brazil, I found myself with doubts all the time. If I took all my doubts, I would spend 24 hours a day talking to them”,

Preta remembers, who compares who asks for the end of the quarantine, contrary to international bodies such as WHO (World Health Organization), to other viruses.
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