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Sol Pérez Shared a Photo that Drove her Followers Crazy

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Sol Pérez Shared a Photo that Drove her Followers Crazy

Sol Pérez took advantage of her free moments to rest, enjoy the pool and also take hyper sensual photos.  In fact, it already has us accustomed to hot sessions but this time, it again dazzled its more than 5 million followers with a new bikini postcard.

On this occasion,  the former weather girl shared from her Instagram account a back image just out of the pool with a tiny black mesh, with a kind of waterfall falling in front of her. 

The post of  Sol Pérez  received dozens of sighs and compliments such as “Goddess”, “Spectacular”, “Increasingly beautiful”, “What a woman”, “Sexy”, “Everything is fine”, among other compliments.

However, it is not all rosy in the life of  Sol Pérez . In the last hours, she has just downloaded “Twenty Million”, the play he did during the summer. The reason would have been an outrageous fight she had with Monica Farro, his cast partner. 

The actress gets off the play at the end of February and not in mid-March , which is when the Marplatense season is planned to end.

Faced with this decision,  Sol Pérez spoke with “Intruders” and referred to the issue. “I go back to start working because my work has already started,”  she said about his discharge, and acknowledged that she was only “comfortable” with the production.


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