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The Return of “The Simulators” is Underway

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The Return of “The Simulators” is Underway

The Simulators” is one of the most acclaimed series by Argentine viewers. Starring Federico D’Elía ,  Diego Peretti ,  Alejandro Fiore  and  Martín Seefeld , remains in memory of millions of fans who do not lose hope of seeing them in action again.

18 years after its first broadcast, the episodes of the hit series directed by  Damián Szifrón  can be seen on   Netflix.  There the two full seasons are loaded.

In the last hours Fiore, who played  Pablo Lamponne , was responsible for confirming that the project to re-record fiction is underway. At the moment, the possibility of shooting a movie or recording new chapters is evaluated.

On Tuesday, Damián Szifron called us. The idea itself is the movie or take risks and play some chapters for a great platform. When we return from the holidays we will get together to chat well, ”he said and refloated the enthusiasm of the fans.

Its protagonists are engaged in other projects. Peretti, on the other hand, is in the middle of the presentations of “The Robo of the Century”, while Fiore participates in the work “My Woman is called Mauricio” in Mar del Plata.

However, it is not an impediment to the original cast of fiction. “ We all want to do it. The idea was always to make the film, but now this came another idea that Damián threw , ”he revealed.

In a Twitter survey launched by D’Elía on user preferences, most said they were in favor of continuing with the series instead of releasing a movie.


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