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Diego Topa: Dad Through a Belly Surrogacy

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Diego Topa: Dad Through a Belly Surrogacy

In 2019 Diego Topa said that he would become a father through belly surrogacy, as Luciana Salazar, Flavio Mendoza and Marley did.

Although announcing it in October last year did not give details, at that time he had anticipated that his dream could come true between this 2020 and 2021. And finally it was this noon with a post in his networks, when he confirmed the news.

“We are very excited to tell you that our daughter was born, her name is Mitai. We are immensely happy that she chose us as her parents. It is the most beautiful feeling in life. Mitai came to fill us with love. ”

The Disney figure chose to call her Mitai, a Guarani term that in Spanish means “girl.” “I hope that work and life will accompany me to give that baby everything,” he had said months ago with great enthusiasm.

Regarding his private life, he had mentioned that his goal was always to take care of his career and his intimate life, and he felt very protected by Disney during these years.

“It is a mutual construction and my career. You are enjoying each of the steps that life gives you: putting together a production company, where Disney trusted me for theatrical products, in my image and in all the love I have for this company that opened the doors to me throughout Latin America ” .


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