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The Last of Us, chosen best game of the decade by Metacritic users

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The Last of Us, chosen best game of the decade by Metacritic users

Sony and Naughty Dog are in luck. Successful success, The Last of Us has become one of the most important videogames in PlayStation history, reaping prizes and praise since its release to the market back in 2013. The last one? Metacritic users choose The Last of Us as the game of the 2010-2019 decade .

Despite arriving on the final leg of PS3 , the adventure of Joel and Ellie conquered all who bet on a new exclusive title of the creators of the Uncharted or Crash Bandicoot saga , making it clear that Sony’s video game console had a new king , both in criticism and in sales.

Waiting for The Last of Us II , sequel to the original title, to be released on May 29 for PS4 , users continue to enjoy its predecessor, which is on everyone’s lips after a new era has begun. Metacritic has taken stock of the years between 2010 and 2019, and in the section of Best Game of the Decade we find The Last of Us , which surpasses other important titles such as GTA V, God of War or The Witcher III to rise at the top of the list.

The reactions have not been expected, with surprise and joy on the part of Naughty Dog , who thanks the web users and all fans for the support and affection shown during all these years. The Twitter account of the creators of Uncharted expressed his happiness with a warm greeting to the entire Metacritic community , which looks forward to the release of its sequel, The Last of Us II, which promises to match in quality or even surpass the original game of 2013. 

Other titans on the list have not been able to reach the number of positive votes and mentions of this title, which masterfully mix diversity of genres, from adventure and exploration to the component “ third person shooter ” and “ survival horror ”. The Last of Us has won 331 mentions , far exceeding the silver medal in the ranking , owned by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch, with 163 mentions . A little behind is the adventure of Geralt de Rivia, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt , which takes  third place with 118 mentions . 


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