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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Lucasfilm did not agree with the theme of the game

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Lucasfilm did not agree with the theme of the game

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has been one of the best titles of 2019. The title developed by Respawn Entertaiment,  under the umbrella of EA, has received great recognition in terms of criticism and is having very positive sales.

The success of  Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order lies in launching a title focused on the campaign alone and in combat . Fans of the saga always wanted to fight like a Jedi and with this game, their dreams have come true. However, it seems that Respawn’s idea about the game did not have all the possible support.

Lucasfilm , a company that controls Star Wars, was not very much in favor of developing a title centered on the figure of a Jedi . The director of the game, Stig Asmussen, said in a new interview that Lucasfilm was very reluctant to several of the ideas of the developer.

In the first meetings, Lucasfilm’s team suggested that Respawn take a different direction and create a game where the blasters were the main weapons, rather than the laser swords.

here was a little tug of war, but in the end they could see the whole idea . Asmussen mentioned that Respawn and Lucasfilm had numerous “fights” about creative decisions regarding the development of Jedi Star Wars Fallen Order. Apparently Lucasfilm vetoed several of the ideas proposed by the study. 

The Respawn team was frustrated at times, but again, Asmussen commented that he understood that Lucasfilm had the last word by being the owner and controller of the Star Wars franchise.


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