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GTA Online: Överflöd Imorgon, new Arena War rewards and much more

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GTA Online: Överflöd Imorgon, new Arena War rewards and much more

The Imorgon is the purebred electric you never dared to imagine. Now you can drive a revolutionary wonder of chrome molybdenum steel and tell everyone that you do it for the environment.

Buying a spectacular sports car is the least you can do (now available at  Legendary Motorsport.

With the new update Hit the Diamond Casino, if you have the precious  statue of dog with yellow cone , you can access in advance articles of the most innovative and enigmatic brand, which include two Dog t-shirts with yellow cone, a chain and a pair of sneakers .

In addition, you can now get  double the rewards in the Arena War series , which include thrilling modes such as  Carnage ,  Flag War ,  Hot Bomb  and  Bomb Ball . The bad news is that the damage to your nostrils may be irreparable.

On the other hand, get  double GTA $ and RP  for playing  Resurrection , the Adversary mode that allows you to revive fallen teammates after killing one of your enemies. You can only win if you end up with the other team and annihilate the rivals before they can return to the world of the living. 

In addition,  contact missions  grant  twice the profits  this week. To participate, reply to the messages in your iFruit’s inbox or start them from the Activities page of the Online menu.

Head over to the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort and play fortune roulette to get GTA $, RP, clothing and much more. This week’s jackpot is the custom Obey 8F Drafter sports car with the personalized Baroque cover Val-de-Grâce. 

Do not forget that you can also take advantage of the numerous discounts:

  1. Obey 8F Drafter (sports): 35% discount
  2. Terrorbyte improvements: 40% discount
  3. COM renewals: 40% discount
  4. Avenger renovations: 40% discount
  5. Facilities improvements (except the orbital cannon): 40% discount
  6. Executive office renovations: 40% discount
  7. Executive garages, accessories and renovations: 40% discount
  8. Warehouse of special merchandise, accessories and renovations: 40% discount
  9. Biker business: 40% discount
  10. Biker club headquarters renovations: 40% discount
  11. Motorcycle workshop of the biker club headquarters: 40% discount
  12. Renovations and complements for bunkers: 40% discount
  13. Nightclub renovations: 40% discount
  14. Hangar workshop: 40% discount
  15. Renovations and complements for hangars: 40% discount

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