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Netflix has to withdraw the comedy The First Temptation of Christ by order of a judge

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Netflix has to withdraw the comedy The First Temptation of Christ by order of a judge

The controversy and Netflix is such a close relationship that it is often difficult to discern where the controversy ends and where Netflix begins. The streaming platform has seen over the years how it was dotted with controversies such as the Narcos advertising campaign in the middle of Christmas with those posters of “Oh, Blanca Navidad” with Pablo Escobar leading the poster, or the withdrawal of the suicide of Hannah in Thirteen Reasons

Netflix recently returned to the streets next to the producer Porta dos Fundos with a special Christmas satire entitled The First Temptation of Christ , a short 45-minute comedy in which the viewer is implied that Jesus Christ maintained a homosexual relationship with a man called Orlando . 

Naturally, this has angered Christian groups around the world, even leading to an attack with Molotov cocktail at the Porta dos Fundos headquarters.

Now, a judge from Rio de Janeiro has ordered Netflix and Porta dos Fundos itself to immediately remove the satire from the Netflix catalog .

 This provisional measure comes to try to calm the spirits in a predominantly Christian society where religious fervor is deeply rooted. More than two million Brazilians had signed an online petition to withdraw The First Temptation of Christ from Netflix, and other countries have sent similar requests to the streaming service. 

The measure will be maintained until the case is judged in depth and a final judgment is issued.


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