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Facundo Arana explained the message to Romina Gaetani: “It was a love letter”

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Facundo Arana explained the message to Romina Gaetani: “It was a love letter”

Facundo Arana and Romina Gaetani undoubtedly share an intimate friendship for a long time. That is why the actor dedicated a tender letter as she was going through a difficult time for the death of his father. 

However, everything became confusing due to the words Arana used and that triggered the doubts. “I dare to recommend this because I saw his interpreter almost die consumed in his own art. It even hurt to see her suffer so much in living flesh.

I could not believe the intensity that seemed to end as many enlightened end up who cannot live with that that they can’t really handle. I thought she was going to die, that her body wasn’t going to stand. I don’t think she likes what I write, but to the face .. I saw all that.

I told her in the face. for hell. And now he flies free but he stayed here. Congratulations Punga. The world is too small for you … but you stayed, “Arana wrote, referring to the death of Carlos, Romina’s father. 

Gaetani was asked about his friend’s message and clarified that he was not offended by his words. “We would have to ask him what he meant, I did not speak again, I had several talks with him, I know him and it is not necessary to lift the tube, he did not modify me, nor offended me,” the actress said.

“I lived the situation with absolute calm because she perfectly understood what I meant, even said: ‘I know how Facundo is and I have nothing to ask him anything.’ In fact he didn’t ask me anything.

I asked him if he had anything to tell me and He replied: ‘No, I know you, we are fine,’ “the actor explained in an interview with Instrusos. 

“You have to be careful, because you go out to answer something that does not happen to you and they end up putting you in a blender. I am not interested, I do not know how to surf those waves. Then I am very cautious. With Romi I have zero problem, on the contrary.

I wrote was a love letter. I never talked about anything else, at most sadness. Grab the malicious letter and start saying things that are not and you can not take care of everything. It is another game. I am very calm “, culminated


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