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The best weapons of GTA V and GTA Online (updated to 2020) – definitive guide

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The best weapons of GTA V and GTA Online (updated to 2020) – definitive guide

With the passing of the updates of GTA V or GTA Online , the weapons preferred by users have changed over time. That is why it is necessary to have a guide with the best weapons for GTA V and GTA Online that will help us to fully enter the new decade with the maximum possible weapons guarantees.

So these are the best weapons for GTA V , both in its offline game version and also in its online mode, so you always know how to choose the most appropriate one according to the situation you face.

The best weapons of GTA V and GTA Online (updated to 2020)

Whether you continue to enjoy the narrative or online aspect of GTA V, it is good that you know which are the best weapons for each of the modalities.

Micro SMG (GTA V)

This is an interesting submachine gun that carries with us from several deliveries of the license. If you end up improving with the passing of the games you can have a greater load inside which makes it ideal to get out of any trouble. It is perfect, for example, to sneak away from an ambush or while we are driving.

Compact grenade launcher (online)

While it only contains a grenade as ammunition, it does recharge very quickly, and is really powerful. You can use it to charge armored vehicles, or when several enemies are together. It’s not that you’re going to use it a lot, but some missions or jobs in particular are going to require it.

Heavy revolver MKII (online)

As part of the final Judgment update, you will be able to get it if you invest almost $ 100,000, so you can save. This weapon does more damage than the normal heavy revolver, and it can fire faster. It is also able to use several different types of ammunition with what you are worth for different types of jobs or missions

Advanced rifle (both modes)

It does not have a high price and above it is powerful. You can update it with the passing of the games to make it more practical. It is among the weapons that cause the most damage per shot in the type of assault rifles and is an option that you should always consider.

C4 explosives or adhesive explosives (both modalities)

They will cost you between $ 400 and $ 600 per explosive and while they are a little more expensive than normal, it is worth the investment. The advantage of this type of explosives is that they can be thrown on elements and structures and remain attached. So if you want to load a particular structure or vehicle and you don’t have a grenade launcher, this would be the best option.

MG MK II fighter (online)

It costs to acquire $ 119,000 in the weapons workshop and can have a high ammo capacity of up to 200 if you end up improving it. It is particularly powerful against enemies and vehicles and can shoot quite quickly. In addition you can also stuff it with different types of specialized ammunition.

MKII Heavy Sniper Rifle (online)

It costs $ 165,375 as a conversion in the weapons workshop. It does a lot of damage against long distance enemies. Ideally, you can end up using it with special explosive ammunition.

MKII shotgun with explosive bullets (online)

It will cost us $ 82,500 in the gun shop and is a more powerful version of its normal model. You can carry it with explosive ammunition, which makes it a truly devastating weapon against all kinds of enemies and even against vehicles.

AP gun (both modes)

You will unlock it after finishing the mission of “company of the three” in the narrative or after reaching rank 33 in the online version, and it costs between 1000 dollars or 5000 dollars, respectively. It has a high level of precision, really powerful shots and it is fast, so it is ideal for use while driving, in short or medium distance clashes and for almost any type of enemy. It is one of the most used weapons.

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